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Dodd & Crossett Solicitors is a firm of solicitors and conveyancers established in 2014 which has four key practice areas:


Conveyancing is the process of transferring legal ownership of property from one to another. Once described by a High Court judge as a ‘stately saraband’, this practice is rapidly changing from a paper-intensive ordeal to a world of electronic conveyancing where the new practitioners need to be tech savvy and on-the-ball.
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Wills & estates

Australians have accumulated vast amounts of wealth, mostly in the form of property. At the same time, families have become less traditional and children more reliant on inheritances to develop their own wealth base. A clear and robust Will & Estate Planning strategy is vital in ensuring your wishes are carried out.
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Debt recovery

It is an unfortunate incident of running a business that some customers choose not to pay. A lot of the time patience does not pay and appeasement does not work. Litigious methods of debt collection are sometimes the only way of recovering your money and putting your focus back on your business.
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Business law

Being successful in business requires strong partnerships with experienced advisers. Dodd & Crossett Solicitors can expertly advise business clients on matters relating to commercial leases, franchise agreements, buying and selling businesses and shareholder agreements and partnership deeds.
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Team Members

Since 2014, Dodd & Crossett Solicitors have assisted clients in all parts of New South Wales with their property and business legal matters. Feel free to connect with any member of our staff to see if we can help.

Jared Zak

 (Principal, Solicitor)

Rosyln Elphick

 (Senior Licenced Conveyancer)

Emma Stephenson


Jessica Cowell

(Legal Secretary)

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